Connecting with Visitors on a Different Level with Global Ties ABQ

Would you consider cinema as one of the most multifaceted and powerful art forms in
this day and age? I certainty would. Cinema influences us from the very first time we get to see our first movie. It is able to give many individuals a little guidance and help them better understand their own lives and the behavior of those around them. We are able to receive a valuable insight about our society and culture as well as cultures from all around the world by simply watching a movie.

Luckily, New Mexico, the state that I am from is growing its film industry substantially and its currently considered a top location for movie making projects. According to the New Mexico State Film Office, during that fiscal year – which ran from July 1, 2018, through June 30 – the direct spend into the New Mexico economy was $525.5 million. During the month of September, Global Ties ABQ welcomed a group of filmmakers from Azerbaijan to inform them about the growth of the film industry in New Mexico and specifically in the city of Albuquerque.

I am Iryna Horbatenko and I am an intern here at Global Ties ABQ. My family moved from Ukraine to the United States five years ago and our native language is Russian. On the very first week of my internship, I was able to meet with the group of filmmakers from Azerbaijan and get to know them. This was extremely nerve-racking for me because I did not know what to expect from the meeting. When we got to the hotel and I began to introduce myself to everyone, I started to pay attention to their names and immediately realized that those people are probably Russian speakers. Of course, they turned out to be speaking the Russian language. I cannot begin to express to you how big of a difference it makes, if you speak the same language as people around you. When everyone from the group realized that I spoke Russian as well, they started to treat me as one of their own, like I was a very close friend of theirs.

From this event, I was able to understand that speaking the same language truly makes a difference. It unites people and makes you feel connected on a deeper personal level. This particular interaction encouraged me to start learning simple phrases from different languages in order to communicate with future visitors and make them feel even more appreciated by showing the effort of exploring their culture, language and traditions beforehand. In my opinion, learning about new cultures and languages is one of the most important and valuable tools that we have for exploring the globe.

This experience was truly wonderful in all aspects of it. I got to meet and spend time with some brilliant filmmakers and learn about the film industry in their country and how it is different from what we have here. I had an opportunity to get to know these people and what they like to do besides their professional careers, exchange contacts and simply have a very relaxing and positive time in their presence. I recognized, how important it is to stay engaged in the community and explore possible opportunities for making strong connections with people from different countries.

This meeting made such a positive impact on my life, it made me feel motivated to go out there and engage in creating new and exciting connections and I feel more appreciative of the small things that happen to me on a daily in this wonderful environment that Global Ties provides for us. I am grateful that I got such an incredible opportunity to meet with these wonderful people and learn about their professional careers and personal lives through Global Ties ABQ!

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