Make Your Dream Come True with Global Ties ABQ

Hi, I’m Macarena.

I’m one of the Youth Ambassadors Program participants. Since I was little, I have dreamed to travel the United States and change the world’s situation, especially my community’s situation. In terms of pursuing my dream, Youth Ambassadors Program (YPA) was a good opportunity to learn global leadership and civic engagement. It gave me all the essential tools to develop my project and YAP gave me the chance to experience American culture and meet people from diverse backgrounds. Through this Youth Ambassadors Program, I could develop my leadership skills and strategies to solve world-wide problems and improve my English skills.
While spending time in Albuquerque, I experienced a lot of cultural activities. All the activities were great but I couldn’t forget the moment with refugees. It was my first time talking to and playing with refugees. They were just children but they underwent such difficult times during their short lives. The time with them changed my life and point of view about the human existence.
My main goal in life is to help others and improve their life style as much as possible. I also want to solve a lot of problems in Chilean society and give Chilean spaces to make their voice. With amazing insights from this program, I’m preparing a project called “Open Maik.” My city has great national artists but we have a poor appreciation for them and lack musical spaces that they can use. To solve these problems, I’ll teach the artists how to believe in their talents and skills and why they have to develop themselves. My project started from a funny library but with the Youth Ambassadors Program it developed as a great musical project. Thank you for all inspirations from Youth Ambassadors Program and Global Ties ABQ!

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