Experiencing American Culture with Global Ties ABQ

My name is Suhyun and I am from South Korea and I am doing an internship at Global Ties ABQ. It has been one month since I started as a marketing intern and I’ve been spending precious time with diverse citizen diplomats. I’m a university student at Yonsei University, majoring in English Literature & Language and minoring in Business Administration. Before I came to this country, I started up my own business and after that, I worked in a couple of companies as a marketing professional. My first business was a juice bar that was established to help young offenders. After running the business for one year, we closed our business because of our budget and I realized that I love to work with marketing more than running a business. So after realizing that, I worked in a social education company and a public relationship company as a marketing professional.

While these experiences made my career successful in Korea, I wanted to experience other countries’ marketing strategies before I start a full-time job. So I applied to the Korea WEST Program which gives Korean students opportunities to broaden their views and develop their leadership through internships in foreign countries. Working with Global Ties ABQ, now I’m learning differences in marketing between South Korea and the USA and meeting diverse countries’ citizen diplomats. I worked on various programs but what I was impressed mostly was ‘Youth Ambassadors Program.’ Watching their passion to learn other cultures and let others know their culture through whole program, I was empowered that I should be more spirited and open-minded to be a successful citizen diplomat of South Korea.

Working as an intern in Albuquerque, I could meet a lot of friendly people who want to share their cultures and experiences with other cultures’ people and with those people I could get the best opportunity to expand my insights and awareness of this city and other lifestyle.

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