My Meeting With the YLAI Fellows: A Student’s Perspective

Meeting the fellows on the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) was an absolute experience in itself. I whole-heartedly loved meeting Caribbean and Latin American entrepreneurs from Global Ties ABQ at Menaul School. The fellows were all so keen on sharing their stories, abilities, work ethic, etc. It encouraged us immensely! I was leaning towards computers for my career and wasn’t sure yet, until I met Mr. Jason Jones, from Suriname through Global Ties. Jason is a humble, down to earth man, who shared his routine, struggles and benefits of his software career with me. Jason was proud say he wouldn’t trade his dream job for anything else.


This inspired me to a great extent. He helped me find a mentor in Albuquerque for my senior capstone project, whom I’m currently working with. My Mentor is helping me to build a website from scratch for a beneficial purpose to society. It has been a great journey, like a new door full of remarkable opportunities has opened, for which I’m truly grateful. I would love to carry the knowledge that I’ve learned in the States, to India, where I belong and to Oman where I was born and brought up. I’m heading to Software Engineering in University later this year, with an inspired mind and a content heart. – Evon Lobo


YLAI is a program that is nationally administered by Meridian International Center and sponsored by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs

For more information about Global Ties ABQ, YLAI, and Menaul School check out these websites:

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